Metacognition is a broad term that has a deep meaning. It takes a lot to delve into what’s behind the word. Metacognition is defined as “knowing about knowing”. That definition alone leaves me confused. It basically means having the knowledge for when to use particular strategies. A good problem solver is someone who has a good understanding of metacognition. Big businesses and companies need to have a good understanding of what metacognition is. In class we talked about how Google had to explain their way out of how they save people’s information and use it for “suggesting things they might like”. All in all, for money-sake, it was a good idea. However, most of the general public didn’t take it lightly and had questions. Clearly, Google is quick on their toes and are metacognitive, using statements to sway the publics mind away from our information being private and that they are genuinely using it for good. 


Cognition is a mental attribute that helps with attention, memory, and understanding. Metacognition is just the deeper understanding of all of those things.




Technology Today

Social and technological roles have changed the roles of students drastically. It has made it so much easier to find information. Socially, people can connect through new technology and find answers at a much quicker rate. Also, questions can just be typed in and found within seconds. Whereas 50 years ago or so, people would actually have to search through books or other sources to get the answers, which is much more time consuming. This gives people of the modern age a huge advantage.




What metaliteracy means to me

Metaliteracy provides a framework for information literacy that diminishes theoretical differences. It connects us in a different way and improves learning. Metaliteracy is offered as a unifying concept for other literacy types. In the course I’m taking, I’m hoping to see things in a different way and learn how to portray my ideas better. Learning through group sessions should also effect the way I share my ideas. Working and learning as a team is a whole new experience for me and I’m excited/curious to see how it goes. I’m hoping becoming more metaliterate will help me improve my work and writings and also be able to more closely analyze the work of others for studying purposes.